Git integration and package management

Hyperquery has native Git integration for file and package management, currently available only to users on the Enterprise tier. Integration set up is done on a global account level, accessible through the "Integrations" tab in the "Settings" panel of the left sidebar.

At present, we only support Github integration. To get started, authenticate through the Github authentication flow.

Package creation

Hyperquery uses a concept of "packages" to ensure a curated experience for analysts using these packages. Packages are just repositories pegged to a particular branch or commit. To get started using the files from any repo, you'll therefore need to create a package.

To get started, create a package from the Integrations pane, then specify the branch, tag, or commit that you want this package to point to. Once this is created, we'll pull down this repo so it can be accessed through any notebook.

Package usage

From within a notebook, you can access packages by navigating to "Python settings" from the ellipsis menu in the top right of the notebook. From there, you should be able to see a list of all packages curated for your team. Click "Install" and this will be pulled down and available within your notebook file structure.