Sharing your work

🫥 Hide your code

Click the toggle in the top right-hand corner of the screen to hide your code, especially if you plan on sharing with less technical folks. This can make your work a lot more readable.

📕 Publish work in the appropriate WORKSPACE section

When you feel work is ready for primetime, move it to a public workspace section so everyone can find it. Make this notebook public by dragging it in the left sidebar from the PRIVATE section to the WORKSPACE section. Your PRIVATE section is viewable only by you, but the WORKSPACE section is shared with all of your teammates.

✋ Invite your teammates!

Invite others to your instance using the “Invite people” button at the bottom of the left sidebar. Others must be have an account on hyperquery to view your work. Once this is done, share the URL of this notebook to the teammate(s) you just invited, and they'll be able to see your work.